H. Geiger GmbH Stein- und Schotterwerke

H. Geiger GmbH Stein- und Schotterwerke

Fascinating natural stone -the aesthetic qualities and versatility of natural stone are unsurpassed. Given its beauty and originality, it is once again gaining in popularity for use in garden and landscape design.
Thanks to our many years' expertise and innovation in producing natural-stone products, H. Geiger GmbH Stein- und Schotterwerke is able to offer its customers a wide variety of different products which are subject to constant further development.

Schotterwerk Geiger at Kinding / Pfraundorf

With the natural stone obtained from a number of quarries in the Frankonian Jura (Frankenalb) region, we supply construction materials for regional road-building and landscaping projects.  We also supplied construction materials including high-quality chippings, gravel base layers and concrete aggregate materials for the new, high-speed ICE railway line between Nuremberg and Ingolstadt.

Natural stone in gardens

As a natural-stone material, Jura limestone has been used for a variety of applications ever since Roman times. It is increasingly being used in modern gardens. Jura limestone is weather-resistant. Its warm, varied colours make it an essential material not only in the field of garden design.

Schotterwerk Geiger

By constantly improving the environmental compatibility of our production methods and optimising the various processes involved, we contribute towards protecting the environment. Through voluntary participation in the European Community’s Environmental Management and Audit Scheme, we aim to create a basis for the sustainable use of natural resources.